Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Counting down the weeks

So much has happened in the last few weeks.

Here are some of the big changes we've seen:

They are wearing clothes and already have a rep as the best dressed kids in the NICU. It's easier to hold them with clothes on - somehow they don't feel so fragile. (I have more pictures, just need to get to a computer that I can upload them on)

Chloe is in an open crib and holding her temp! It is so fun to walk over to her crib and be able to see her so easily. I can also hold her anytime I want to now. Liam tried out the open crib but couldn't hold his temp. He's close though. They have weaned him down to 29.7 degrees in his isolette. They will continue to wean him down over the next day to 28 degrees. After 24 hours of holding his temp in a 28 degree isolette, he will move to an open crib again.

Both kids are nursing well. Chloe has slowed down a bit but Liam just keeps picking up speed. I try to do two feedings per day with each of them. Liam has done it perfectly for the past 3 days. Chloe has been really tired and only finished about half of the feedings.

Both kids have been struggling to make their own blood. This is a common problem for preemies. In the beginning they were given a transfusion every time their hematacrit levels (or crit as they say here) were low. If you've ever been anemic then you know how they feel. Dr. wants them to start making their own blood though so they've held off on transfusions. This week both kids blood levels turned the corner. Their crit levels are up and if they keep going up they should have a lot more energy soon. Liam doesn't seem to know he's supposed to be tired. He's been wide-eyed and alert everytime I try to feed or talk to him. Chloe is always in a semi-asleep state these days. My spunky little girl seems to have disappeared but I have a feeling it's just temporary.

Both kids are over 3 lbs. now - yeah!!! Chloe has about 5 oz on Liam but we're hoping he'll catch up soon.

The nurses are telling me it's possible Chloe could go home in a week! YIKES! I really want that but at the same time I'm panicking about the things I need to do first. I've got to find car seats for 4 pounders, stock up on formula (I'm getting some milk of my own but not enough to sustain life yet;), take the CPR class, and oh yeah, Kelly needs to get back here. Kelly is back in Seattle for a couple weeks (little scheduling error). If Chloe gets out before 2/7 when he returns, I will have to survive a few days on my own. Thank goodness Isabel will be there to help me:) Getting to the hospital to see Liam will be my biggest challenge when Chloe gets out. Hopefully it won't last long though. Liam is picking up speed and shouldn't be far behind his big sister.

I still don't know when we'll all come home to Seattle but maybe by the end of February... We're crossing our fingers and trying to remember to breathe.



  1. WOW! You are still in our prayers!!!

  2. I'm so glad to hear that things are continuing to go well. It's great that they are gaining weight and doing well with their feedings. They are such strong fighters, and we will continue to keep you and your family in our prayers.