Saturday, January 31, 2009

Breaking all the Rules

Technically, at our hospital, twins are not supposed to come in contact with each other in the NICU. They worry about transferring infection or illness from one twin to the other and being sick is a really big deal for these tiny ones. But, Pat, the Developmental Care Specialist "couldn't recall" hearing that rule. Now that both twins are off oxygen they are much more portable. She brought Chloe over to me while I was holding Liam. I think you can guess how I felt about it. Liam was pretty sleepy but Chloe was excited.

This is Marcie, the twins primary and favorite nurse. She was like their mother before I got there. We are so grateful to her for loving our babies and taking such great care of them.

This is the blissfully-unaware-of-the-rules Pat with Marcie. Marcie had a moment of panic when she thought we were using the NICU camera and was worried about getting busted.

I've never seen them more content.

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  1. Wow! Their first time together! What an amazing moment!!